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Mini Face Care - 30 Min. 40 EURO

This  skin care is named as Weekly Care. It provides with whatever is necessary for your skin for all along the week. It is a care that aims to provide skin cleansing, moisture keep up, skin fat balancing and fights against tightness loss of the skin.

Babor Classical Skin Care – 60 Min. 70 EURO

This is a facial care the meets the skins needs and contains  cells and applied according to needs of the skin.

Baborganic – 60 Min. 100 EURO

A new dimension in skin care.It relaxes the skin with the power of pure and active ingredients delived from materials delived from the mountains. It rejuvenates and enegizes the skin. A realaxing with the magic of the snowy mountians zeniths.For a skin that young healthy brilliant and refreshed skins.

Collagen Bioamatrix Face – 60 Min. 120 EURO

Intensive Collagen Care.This is a skin care that flat tens the wrinklles supports elasticity and rejuverating the skin with the help special serum and %100 pure Collagen Mask.It moistures the skin empowers the connective tissue for a flat and plumped the skin.

HSR ® – Ultimate Anti Aging Care – 60 Min. 150 EURO

This Care significantly reduces all the systems related to skin aging. Endless beauty ; with use of Collagen and hyaluronic asids this care provides with an effective alternative to  subcutis injection.It reconstructs the sking and provides iner support. Reduces lines and wrinkles with significant results.Provides the skin with better elasticity and tightness.

Doctor Babor - 60 Min. 120 EURO

This skin care is ideal for the which intensively constructs on to rejuvenates the skin estetical surgery operations preporations and post surgical care.This  is a fruit acid cure to imbalanced pigmentation wrinkles too big pores of the problematic skin.

Peel Off Mask Rose- 60 Min. 120 EURO

Effective ingredients can rapidly penetrate into the basal layer, reduce the synthesis of melanin, accelerate the new cell production so promote cell viability. It provides moisture and nutrition, make skin full, smooth and lighter.

Peel Off Mask Citronella- 60 Min. 120 EURO

Containing various plant essence, the mask helps to enlighten the dull and grey looking skin. It has repair properties so used for sun damaged skin. Replesnishes moisture and nutrients. After use, the skin becomes lighter and whiter.

Peel Off Mask Mint- 60 Min. 120 EURO

Remove excess grease, help to balance oil secretion. Mint has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Cleanes and purifies the skin leaving mat look.

Bamboo Treatment- 60 min. 100 EURO

This all in one mask provides many benefits to beautify the skin. Moisturizes and supports collagen network with marine collagen, accelerates cell division, stimulates the cell metabolism and regulate the protein synthesis. It also detoxifies the skin tissues thanks to bamboo carbon. The skin becomes hydrated, plumbed, fine lines smoothed and looks younger and fresher

Gold Treatment - 60 min. 100 EURO

This repairing mask stimulates the skin, increase skin elasticity, firm and tone the skin thanks to powerfull natural ingredients such as nano gold particles, HTC collagen, NMF and vitamin E. The skin looks younger and fresher after application.

Ocean Men’s Skin Care - 60 Min. 100 EURO

This special care boosts the natural renewal period of the skin by providing with oxygenation Ocean Mask preservs the naturel skin moisture balance energizes and reduces aging effects with intensive mineral boost and deeo cleansing.

Sensational  Eyes Treatment - 30 Min. 30 EURO

With another magnificent  eye care series of BABOR, it  is a skin care complex providing anti-aging effect using a serum according to  your skin`s age empowered with essential basics of the skin care,intense ingredients and formulas. Also by use of  I PAD mask, the skin care is boosted and provides accelerated penetration of the ingredients into the skin.

Tint of Eyebrow or Eye Lash - 15 Min. 20 EURO

 You can have glittering and striking eyelashes and eyebrows in harmony with your hair with our  professional eyelash and eyebrow coloring method.

We are combining in our Skin & Body Care Treatments with Babor Proffesional Products.
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