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Areal Massage - 15 Min. 20 EURO

This massage is concentrated on the areas such as Head & Neck, Neck-Upper back, shoulders, Upper & lower back or Arms and Legs. Usually preferred to focus on the problematic area to cure the disturbance.

Facial Massage - 20 Min. 20 EURO

In this skin care for 20 minutes,  the unique massage creams of BABOR applied on the cleaned skin to boots circulation and the  cell swap  thus the skin not only gains a healthy look but also gets supported against wrinkles and in elasticty. It is also a relaxing and soothing care.

Sport Massage - 30 Min. 40 EURO

This is the massage applied before and after the sportive activity , this can even be  applied during the breaks of the activity that needs to be very fast and local. The most distinguishing specialty of  Sports Massage from the Relax Massage is rythim, timing and preassure are applied differently and accordingly.

Classical Massage - 50 Min. 50 EURO

This massage does not have strong strokes and preassures. Usually applied to help body to start  the day dynamically and to help get rid off the stresses caused by daily life. This is massage is a method to relaxation.


Aroma Therapy / Aroma Terapi -  60 Min. 80 EURO

This massage is applied with essential oils extracted from the herbs and flowers.It is soothing , rejuvenatig and relaxing. Usage of aromatic and essential oils bring an untimate phase to the massage. These oils extracted from flowers and herbs also known as essences. Aromatherapy means  supporting  protection  of Acnes ,insomnia, stress,depression, overall stress and  helps tightening the skin.

Manual Lymph Drainage Massage - 60 Min. 70 EURO

Lymphatic system which is regarded as the drainage and cleansing system of the body can sometimes get out of rutine and get  strained when the overall health of the body is lost. Toxins and metabolics can not be completely filtered and drained thus  they show affinity of depositing around the wounds or lypmh knots. Manual lymph drainage massage aims to  help  getting rid off these unwanted materials of the body by stimulating the immune system.It is a supporting and light massage method. This massage is especially beneficial for the ones that had sports injuries , who have local swellings. It reduces the swellings and helps discard eudema.

Hot Oil Massage - 60 Min. 100 EURO

With heated aromatic oils,this massage helps to relax muscles the aroma emitted from the heated oil also helps the body 
to relax, sooth and rejuvenate itself.

Thai Massage – 60 Min. 80 EURO

Thai Massage, origantes from 5000 years old Thai & Chines medicine and culture unlike Classical Massages.Thai massage applied with clothes provided and it does not use any oil.In Thailand ; ıt is called Yoga for lazy people.The terapist makes the client do yoga by helping streteling muscles and applying pressures onto energy points.Almost 70 different moves applied over 60 minutes.It elevates the pain treshold sı it givrs a great relaxation feeling afterwords. 

Mandara Massage  - 60 Min.120 EURO

Mandara massage , is simply Four-hands-relaxation-massage. Same procedure of Classical Massage is applied but two therapists perform for 10 minutes longer time period.

Candle Therapy -60 Min. 80 EURO

This massage is applied by a special candle made of %100 pure natural soy oil and pure organic aromatherapy oils. Unlike known candles , they do not include paraffine and do not burnd the skin since it melts at the body temperature. Also it has %50 longer life span when compared the the candles including paraffine. It burns without fume. It changes the aora of the space when used by the icluded natural aromatic oils.   

Volcanic Stone Massage & Reiki -60 Min. 80 EURO

It is a massage therapy that provides heat with penetrating the body by using heated volcanic stones. This massage applied with a special method with heated volcanic stones. It is preferable for the lower back and upper back aches, muscular, bone and joint problems, Stress , escalated tension, headache, mensturation aches and circulation disorders.

Lava Shells   Massage  - 60 Min. 80 EURO

The seashells used in the massage are spesifically chosen from the South Pasific Striped-Tiger-Seashells. They 
are collected almost 100% similar to each other in shape and structure. Seashell ingredients are made of   Calsium Carbonate which Human body has the same ingredients in teeth and bones. The Stripes and texture  on the seashells are made of minerals absorbed by the seashell and its all life span. Calsium ions are penetrated to the skin when they are correctly heated. With the help of calcium , skin renews itself and gets healthier look and tightened. If you want to introduce yourself with the healing power of natural heat , try Lavashell massage  therapy... 

Hands and Foot Reflex Massage - 60 Min. 70 EURO

In the foot and hand reflexology massage, it is believed that nerves when innerve the areas, they also have synapses with the nerves ending at feet and hands. Regarding this information and ancient belief, the peripheral signal created by optimum pressures applied on the pressure points on  hands and feet are sent firstly to the brain. After brain processes these signals, they return information through the nerves back the the origin of the signal. On the way back ,  these signals go back the the reflex points and the organs by the synapses. Organs also use these return signals and these signals have healing effects on the organs they reach. By stimulating right pressure point in the hands and feet , it is believed that stimulating the relating organ is possible. This massage built on these principles, is very relaxing and healing. It can even cure the hyperactivity disorder with children. It is the only massage recommended to the children.
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