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This is a ritual belong to the Anatolian Culture. Modified over the centuries from the Roman Baths, this ritual has become a Turkish Classic. The heat in the Hamam , warms up the body and softens the skin. With exfoliation, pores get open and by removing the dead skin layer , skin starts to breath. After the exfoliation , massage  is being applied with Turkish soap and with aroma of the soap and massage, body feels relaxation and cleaning...

Bliss Care 60 MİN. 60 EURO

Sultan Bliss Foam Care 30 Min. 30 EURO

Şehrazat Bliss Peeling Care 30 Min.30 EURO

Hanedan Bliss Scented Peeling Care   30 Min. 35 EURO

Black Soap Peeling Care 30 Min.60 EURO


Sea Salt Peeling   20 Min. 35 EURO

This is an aromatic peeling which includes a combination of extracted herbal oils and rich minerals. With the sea salt peeling , not only gets silky soft and moisturised,  but also ensures cell trade in the skin by boosting the metabolism.

Aroma Delicious Peeling 20 Min. 35 EURO

This is the asian secret to beauty philasoph for the body and spirit
it is an ultimate relaxation for skinand senses.Asianherbal extracts with their aroma and stimulative effect it reduees stress and provides relaxation..Also with it`s detoxifying effect it helps body to get rid off dead cells..

ScenTao Body Peeling 20 Min. 60 EURO

This is a peeling which has aromatic essences and ingrediennts such as ginger,coconot,mandarin and cinemon.ıt cleans and softens the skin and leaves a light perfume smell..


Micronized Marine Algae ( seaweed care ) -  60 Min. 100 EURO

This one of the most important body cares. It makes body and skin feel younger and pure. The sea algae extracted via special technic of  drying and pressurising, ensures to boost skins protection against external factors, boosts blood circulation and renews the skin’s texture, helps skin to regain it’s elasticity with all these features, Sea Algae body care is one of the most important, functional cares and provides with an unforgettable experience.

Cleopatra Mask Treatment -  60 Min. 50 EURO

It is a Milk-based mosturizing body care. The milk-peptides preserves the moisture and strengthens the skin. Highly valued herbal oils provide soft and flexening care to the skin. Relaxing hot bath relaxes and soothens the skin. Provides a silky skin feeling.

Mango Treatment - 45 Min. 60 EURO

This is a powerful combination of body care. This is used in the far east from ancient ages up until today. It makes skin soft and feels pure. It also moistures the skin. It is ideal for the dry skin types and it keeps the exotic smell in the skin for     the rest of the day.

Honey Treatment -  45 Min. 60 EURO

It is a newly formulated body care which has been using throughout the centuries. It’s main feautres are being antioxiands and antiseptic. This is a beauty care method which protects the skin  agains sun’s unwanted rays  together with effects of moisturizing, providing skin with  softness and purifies the skin with the minerals , vitamins and natural fat acids.

Peel Off Mask Slimming Coffee & Cacoa – 45 min. 100 EURO

Cocoa powder absorbed easily by the skin and effective actives can penetrate the skin quickly. It stimulates the skin and promote fat burning. Helps to eliminate the toxins. Coffee extract provides elasticity and comfort, helps for smooth skin. Green coffee is effective against free radicals and thus firm skin.
Levni Hotel